Finding Someone Dependable to Do Quality Auto Repair in Belleville, IL

Search your Network

Use your connections to ask around for referrals or recommendations. Inquire about what kind of job was done for your friend or colleague. Was the work finished on time? Was the cost of the work fair? Are they certified with entities such as AAA, BBB, and ASE? Is the shop or mechanic available on weekends? What are their business hours?

Family-owned and friendly

Many motorists are partial to family-owned businesses like Schaefer Automotive because they enjoy a lot of attention and personal care from management. A good example is Schaefer Automotive which does auto repair in Belleville IL and nearby areas.


Auto Repair in Belleville, IL: Run Diagnostics for Check Engine Light

Just keep in mind that although you can delay the repair when the light is steady, a blinking light means the repair is urgent and you will need to have your car inspected at the nearest Belleville, IL auto repair shop like Schaefer Automotive.

A check engine light may not indicate just engine troubles or inefficiency issues. As most OBDs are configured to observe certain regulations on emissions, this light may also indicate that the car’s engine exceeds federal limits for emission. Keeping your car’s engine in good shape will ensure that the light won’t switch on to unnerve you during a peaceful journey. The technicians in your chosen auto repair shop in Belleville, IL can ensure that your emissions will be just enough to keep you from violating any federal policy.